Interview with our muse - Brittney Kerrigan of Roots & Blooms

Here at Anna Monet Jewelry we love Brittney's attention to detail and exceptional quality of her small batch cosmetics and candles. We are excited to chat with Brittney about her journey, from Fashion school to trend forecasting job in Paris to starting her own beautiful small business. 

As a young student of Fashion in San Francisco, Brittney entered the fascinating world of trend forecasting from 2011 to 2013.

She worked as a representative for Promostyl, a global trend forecasting agency based in Paris. They create an exclusive publication of so-called "trend books' ' These books are seen as an essential tool by some of the worlds’ best brands and retailers. They help them make sound decisions about how to respond to future changes. The trend books are put together in France by experts from disparate areas of knowledge such as economics, contemporary art, and technology, Promostyl collective knowledge and analysis of the world's key events guide them into creating forecasts that span 2 years into the future. These publications come at a high price tag and are highly sought after by fashion houses and major design firms.

"I memorized these books, there was so much fascinating information - like insights into how the Arab Spring would influence fashion in the coming years."

Ultimately, Brittney says the work was not for her - “It was a fantastic job, and I learned a lot. It really shaped how I now see the world”.  "After Promostyl I traveled the world with my husband, and it opened me up to new cultures and traditions."

“While traveling, I experienced how other cultures celebrate beauty. For example, when I traveled to Bali, I visited a local spa that inspired me deeply. Part of the treatment was a bathtub fulled with thousands of flower petals. At that moment, I felt I had a duty to share this experience with people who might not have the opportunity to travel to this distant land. It took many more locations and a lot of time spent deep in thought but eventually, I was able to recreate all my treasured experiences and bottle them into travel-inspired collections. That is when Roots and Blooms came to life.” 

Brittney has found a more organic way to connect with people in this way. Her clients sometimes approach her with gratitude for the nostalgia her products inspire in people from some of the places she has featured, "someone from Ireland came me to express thanks for reminding her so much of home. That felt so rewarding".

Looking back on my experience, it really has shaped how I created my brand. I look at each collection through a few different lenses. Before I formulate the products, I first sit down with a mood board to collect my thoughts to establish a clear direction of the collection, much as you do in fashion.     

Did the experience guide your trend forecasting now? If yes, then how so?

Funny you ask this, I have never been someone who follows trends I have always loved timeless and classic clothing. I love to watch what everyone else is doing. Every fashion week, I take a look and enjoy it more as a spectator. 

Brittney Kerrigan generously shared her trend forecasting recap of key colors for SS'2021 season below.

You can find Roots & Blooms selection on their website here.