Interview with our muse - Alison Wu

Each month we’ll be introducing you to inspiring womxn who have forged their own path and continuously serve as a source of inspiration. 

I’d love to kick off this series with one of my favorite people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at one of the annual Spirit Weavers gatherings - Alison Wu. To me, Alison is an example of strength and resilience mixed with incredible talent and a genuine desire to elevate others though her work. Alison is co-creating her own world of wellness bringing vulnerability, transparency, good humor and mindfulness in everything she does. 


Briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.  


My background is in PR and copywriting. After being laid off from my job back in 2016, I decided it was time to take a leap and try to pursue a career in photo styling. Around the same time, with encouragement from friends and family, I started my blog, Wu Haus, as a creative outlet to share recipes and the things I was inspired by. A few ombré smoothie posts of mine went viral on Instagram and my audience grew significantly over the first 6-12 months. Almost 5 years later, and it’s kind of still hard to believe how far I’ve come from those smoothie posts! It’s always been a goal of mine to develop a community, both online and beyond, and it’s been amazing to share experiences and allow myself to be vulnerable and human in that way. I’ve developed my voice over the years and gotten more comfortable with talking about more controversial topics that are important to me, like politics and climate change. I am grateful for the strong platform I have today, and this year I'm bringing new and diverse topics and voices to the conversation with my Haus Guest series.


After 16 years in Portland, I am currently in the process of moving down to Mexico for the time being. I’ve fallen in love with Mexico over the several trips I’ve taken in the past few years, and so far I love calling it my new home. It’s been a big year of changes, from the pandemic to divorce to adjusting to life in a new country. I’ve been learning to surrender more fully, to sleep in when I want and to listen to my body more, to let go of routine and the concept of needing to be in control. It’s been an incredibly challenging year collectively, but I think most of us are putting in the work to come out stronger and more resilient than before.


How would you describe your relationship with style? What or who has influenced your style the most?   


Fashion was one of my first creative outlets, even before I found ways to express myself in the kitchen. Even then, I feel like I’m still coming into my own as I get older and more confident in my personal style. I get a lot of inspiration from magazines and street style, my travels (when that was a thing) and my mood. This list isn’t exhaustive, but some brands that I love include Zii Ropa, Lauren Manoogian, Rachel Comey, Miha Made, and of course Anna Monet. I’m drawn to womxn-owned labels. I feel like there’s an innate sense of connection and understanding. 



What do you look for when selecting your jewelry/accessories?  


It can depend on my mood, but in general I love a good statement piece. I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are minimal yet bold. I love wearing earrings that are as much a part of my outfit as my shirt or dress. I usually don’t wear any other pieces when I wear earrings. I love jewelry that explores organic shapes and uses natural materials and colors, like clay or fine metals and natural dyes. Also, gold over silver always. 


What inspires you the most these days?


Honestly, the capacity of the human heart to endure so much, layers upon layers of grief and pain and still somehow find joy and the ability to love.


By Alison Wu, October 2020