Here at Anna Monet Jewelry we place sustainability at the center of everything we do. We strive to create change in the jewelry industry through ethical jewelry design that is conscious of its ecological and human impact. We intentionally incorporate biodegradable materials used in ancient times such as horsehair purchased from Native American traders along with hand-mixed, all natural dyes. Our work is meant as an exploration of innovative design that also celebrates traditional craft and the symbolism of our human connection to the earth. 

Our inspiration for working with natural dye and horsehair is the ancient way in which the original people of the world lived and cared for their planet. Communities used local materials for arts and ceremonial wear that was believed to enhance their presence in this world. Much of our metalwork includes recycled brass and silver, and 90% of the stones we use come from dead stock mines which the artist then custom cuts for each design.  All the color in our pieces is achieved using natural plants and minerals. Waste from these dyes is biodegradable and carefully disposed of to not cause harm to our water streams and environment. All of our work is proudly created in our San Francisco studio.

Ethical sourcing is core to our philosophy. We work with members of the Caddo Nation of Tribes to obtain our horsehair. It is sourced humanely and supports the trading post directly.