Personal Landscape II

Personal Landscape is a light sculpture intended to change the atmosphere of a room in an instant. 

Inspired by Carlos Cruz-Diez's Chromosaturation, my project, Personal Landscape Light Sculpture, seeks to extend the exploration of color's transformative power. Acknowledging Cruz-Diez's emphasis on experiencing color for its own sake, my project aims to capture the essence of totality in color perception and its effect on the environment. While Cruz-Diez addressed color within a controlled rectangular space, my work ventures into a different realm, exploring the soft curves of clay as a medium to reflect and emanate light patterns. This divergence allows for a personalized encounter with color, transporting the viewer to a magical landscape.

In the Personal Landscape, I employ a Matchbox-sized Wi-Fi LED controller called Pixel Blaze with a mobile or desktop web app to control LED lights neatly tucked away in the matte clay sculpture. The soft curves of clay serve as both canvas and conduit, reflecting and diffusing light to create an immersive, sculptural space. The strategic placement and design of clay elements allow viewers to navigate around the artwork, experiencing the totality of color harmonies as they move within the space. The clay sculpture's scale, size, and materiality are carefully considered to enhance the viewer's engagement, evoking a sense of wonder and transporting them to a realm where personal landscapes merge with the visual spectacle.

The goal is to offer viewers an insightful and captivating experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional art, echoing the spirit of Cruz-Diez's groundbreaking work.